Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alice Costume Designs and Storyboards part1

Hey everyone. The first month has come to an end. I'm not really expecting everything to be finished because its summer, you should all be taking the time to enjoy it. But i do expect at least some work done. I have taken the first bit of the script and roughed it out in a comic format. I don't expect anyone to immediately agree with the layout or perspective but i need you to comments so that we can all put together a really well done comic. I've seen a lot of the post put up already and they are all looking great. i have heard that Ally is having a bit of trouble coming up with character designs but not to worry, i have done some rough designs for now, hopefully they help in the creative process. for they time being, if everyone is alright with it, we can use the the designs i have done. i have 5 different costumes for alice and 2 for the white rabbit. let me know what all of you think and enjoy the summer for all its warmth and splender, but not too much, theres work to be done. ^_^


Jesus! what the fuck, the last paragraph is too damn happy lol heres a life lesson, don't combine your friends pep pills with coke, its fucks you up lol wow i am so gone right now lmao wooooo!!


oh on another note i unintentionally started an online web series that all text based and told through jounal entries writen by by different people and using different character.

for more information visit:

Here are the Alice costumes

Here are the White Rabbits costumes

Storyboards Start here

Friday, May 29, 2009


Is this what you meant Raf when you wanted the perspective figured out.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

First part of the script

This is Mitz here... I got bugged to post something, so I'll attempt to upload the first part of the script. 

This is only until the end of the club scene.

... Looks like I can't upload text documents. I guess it'll have to be good ol' copy pasting. 

Feel free to comment I suppose. Oh, Sevenfish, if you read this, please send me an email or something, so I have your address. Just in case I need to contact you. I have questions to ask about... housing. >.>

Nightmares in Wonderland

Act I

Scene I


A Girl stands in front of a fogged mirror, inside a washroom that has seen better days. It's in disrepair, tiles falling off the walls, paint is peeling from stall doors and there seems to be dirt and various substances all over the walls, floor, sinks and stalls. One wall looks like there is crap smeared all over it.

There are six halogen lights on the ceiling, and out of them all, only one still faintly emits a sickly yellow light, leaving many shadows and dark corners in the room. Three toilet stalls are lines up on the opposite wall of the mirrors and sinks. One is locked, and another is leaking fluid that emits a disgusting stench. It seems to be vaguely green under the beams of the single light.

The girl wipes a hand covered in blood across the foggy mirror, revealing her reflection. The wipe leaves blood behind on the glass. The girl's reflection reveals that she looks groggy, like someone waking up after spending too long sleeping. Her eyes are bloodshot, and there are faint bags under them. 



Ugh... what a bad trip.

When she becomes aware enough to see it, she startles at the sight of the blood on the mirror. When the girl looks herself over, she notices much of her clothing is covered in blood as well. She starts checking for possible injuries, eyes wide and breath speeding, her movements jerky and panicked.


What? Where did this come from? It's not mine.

Then she realizes that she has no recollection of arriving to her current location, and stops to stare at herself in the mirror, as she attempts to remember. Her only memory is her name.



She squints at herself in the mirror, wiping her bloody hands on her clothes to try and clean them.


I'd don't look like an Alice... Is that really my name?


I suppose I'll go with it for now.

Done with looking at herself, Alice decided to leave the room. She couldn't held but look at the toilets as she passed, shuddering a bit at the sight of them. 


What happened to this place? It's like it got hit by an A bomb,

or something.

When she got to the locked stall, she tried to force it open. After a few good shakes, she gave up though, deciding she did not want to see what was behind it. Not after she'd stepped into something wet.

Alice was just leaving the room, when she heard innocent girlish laughter. She turned around slowly, puzzled as to where the sound was coming from, before she heard it again. It was coming from the locked toilet stall. That's when she saw two feet touch the ground underneath the door. They were naked, and covered in blood, as if having been freshly walking in it. A second later, the single light in the washroom started flickering uncontrollably. The door to the stall creaked open then, and a pale hand snapped onto the edge of the door. 

Standing still, Alice watched, as the light above her, flickered even more madly. She wanted to run, but was frozen in fear.  

From the toilet stall exited a short Blond Girl. She looked normal, apart from the fact that her eyes were pitch black, where it should be white, the iris glowing a pale eerie blue. Her face was covered with strands of her hair, hiding most of it. Her locks did not hide her smile though. It wasn't the smile of a little girl, but something more twisted and sinister, like that of a sadist in glee, when inflicting pain on another. Eyes fixing on Alice, the smile widened and the girl laughed again. Then the lights went out. The last thing Alice saw, was the small girl making a dash for her.




Lasting no more than a second, the darkness lifted, as the washroom light flickered back to wavering life. The blond girl was gone. Alice had fallen on her rump, arms held out in front of herself for protection, the whites of her eyes showing with the amount of fear she felt. 

Realizing nothing was happening, Alice quickly scrambled onto her feet and dashed out of the washroom.

Scene II


Alice stepped out of the washrooms and into a twisting hallway. It was dimly lit, but the light had a reddish quality. On the walls of the hall, on both sides, and debris on the floor was casting reflections here and there. There was a thick rotting smell in the area, like that of the air near a slaughterhouse, in the back end part of a town. 


Holy crap, what the fuck died in here?

Lifting a hand to her nose, to dim the stench, wishing she wasn't going to find any dead bodies. She moved forward then, since going back meant going into the washroom again. And that was something she would not do. 

Turning the corner, Alice came to the source of the smell. A large pool of blood stretched before her, and she squirmed in place at the sight. 


So gross... Ugh. I don't want to do this...

As she spoke, Alice slowly walking forwards again, making faces as she took her first step in the blood. The pool ended up being about an inch deep, and Alice sighed, as she kept walking.



Such pretty shoes, and now they're ruined. I better not run

into that freaky kid again...

After a couple of minutes of walking through the pool of blood in the hallway, Alice came to the end. She stopped at the end of the hall, to take a look at where she was now.


It seemed Alice had been inside a nightclub this whole time. She looked around the large room, floored at the carnage and destruction she saw. The was completely trashed; all of the walls, the speaker and the dance floor tile had been smashed. A plasma screen television, which was hanging from the ceiling from chains, was askew and showed only gritty static. 

As Alice ventured forward, slowly, she encountered more smears and pools of blood. The red substance was everywhere, and yet... There didn't seem to be any remains of bodies around at all. It was as if a hundred of people had just been killed in this club, but the bodies had all been removed. A fact Alice was glad for. She didn't think she could stand the sight of mutilated human bodies. The coppery scent of the blood all around her, was making her stomach want to rebel enough as it was.

As Alice passed by a table, she noticed an untouched and unopened metal flask.


What's this?

Picking the item up, Alice turned it over in her hands. A sound of swishing liquid reached her ears, and curious, but apprehensive, she popped open the flask. 


(Having smelt what was in the flask)

Goddamn, just what I needed.

Hugging the flask to her chest in gratefulness, Alice was about to drink from the flask. A girl deserved a drink of pure vodka, after all the shit she was seeing. Then she paused, thinking twice about it. 


Maybe I can you for later. I've a feeling I'm gonna

need it.

Twisting the cap of the flask shut tight, Alice shoved it into her back pocket. Then with uncertainty, she moved along, keeping an eye open for any other useful things she might come across.

Eventually, she made her way to the emergency exit, and pushed the door open. It took a bit of an effort to push open, and Alice muttered to herself about it.


No wonder everyone got killed. Damn door hasn't been

properly oiled in ages, I bet.

Once she'd gotten the door open, Alice found herself in a stairwell. She froze, just as she took a step outside, thinking she'd seen something white turn the corner ahead of her. It had looked a little like the hem of a dress.

Alice frowned then, and sniffing with disdain at herself, climbed down the stairs to get away from the club. Once at the bottom, she pushed another door open, and sighed at the feel of cool air on her skin.

She was beginning to feel happy again, and was beginning to make herself forget about the bathroom and the club. Maybe she'd go home and take a bath, she thought to herself, moving forward without looking around her. If she could remember where it was, she thought, slowing her steps. Then Alice stopped, and took a good look at the abandoned street she was on.



This better not be a zombie apocalypse...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Due Dates for Alice

May 31
Prep work complete
• Script complete
• Rough layouts complete (thumb nails touched up)
• Storyboards complete
• Rough character ideas

June 29
Rough comic drawn
• Comic pages thumbed out
• Layouts complete
• Character designs complete with model sheets for each character

July 27
Rough clean comic
• Comic pages rough cleaned
• Second script begins

August 17
Clean comic complete
• Everything finished
• Planning stages for the second comic